Innovating on and building dynamic strategies with a revenue generating focus; considering cognitive, cultural, physical, and social factors in planning and executing strategies appropriate for a given context.

I have had the pleasure to work with Mark Edward on numerous occasions on global client projects at BluePedal Group. Mark Edward is highly personable and mature in his dealings with others. He has shown great initiative and creativity in the delivery of design artwork for marketing communications materials under tight project timelines. He is highly adept in the use of Adobe Creative Suite software and delivers all assigned projects on time and on budget. He is trustworthy, reliable and consistent. I will certainly hire him again. Leesa Soulodre Chief Reputation Officer and Business Leader BluePedal Group (United Kingdom) 44 751 8891 581
Mark was one of the MBA's chosen to work on a company International Marketing Plan for Dressed'n-case. Mark initiated information gathering meetings to develop a report on the goals and core-competencies of our company. He developed benchmarks and did a competitive analysis on our competitors in Australia. Through this Mark determined respective threats and opportunities for entry. He engaged in highly detailed financial and qualitative market research, to which he excelled. Furthermore, Mark's multimedia knowledge provided strategic insights into improvements on web and e-commerce delivery for Dressed'n-case. I am very pleased with his professional style in working with us, as he followed best practices with handling sensitive information. Through the foundational IMP that Mark created, we are consulting contacts in Australia and expanding the scope of our entry strategy. I would highly recommend him to any company who wants a talented, analytical, and strategic team player Kimberly Rosadiuk President/Designer @ Dressed'n-case 403-505-9313

I am very pleased to write this reference letter in support of Mark Mikhail. He has been a tremendous asset while working for my Media Services unit at York University over the past year. Mark has contributed valuable workflow methods and coordinated very well with other media staff. I have been very impressed with his ability to listen carefully to clients and propose cost efficient solutions to meet their needs. He is also quite reliable in meeting deadlines by developing multiple strategies to resolve issues and make productive use of hardware and software, along with providing leadership to other team members. Mark not only has an extensive knowledge of multimedia techniques and software but is quite adept at passing his knowledge to others in a team affirming manner.

Two of the larger media projects have highlighted his skill in ensuring intellectual property rights and licensing of various media elements were managed properly and within budget restraints. He has earned the respect of our clients and fellow team members with his initiatives around creative methods of brand management for the university and also individual departments. The manner in which Mark deftly handles multiple deadlines provides ample evidence of his project management and human resources skills, resulting in numerous smaller projects which may well have languished but instead been a delight to our clients . Mark possesses an innate ability of knowing when to listen and when to contribute very thoughtful ideas in a manner non threatening to clients and other staff members.

I have no hesitation in recommending Mark and am quite confident of his ability to succeed in his future higher education and business endeavors.

Robert McKenzie Learning Technology Services (Media) York University 416-736-2100

It is with pleasure that I write this letter of reference for Mark Mikhail who has work with ourdepartment as a project manager for multi-media resource development in 2008, 2009, and 2010.

Mark has numerous strengths that have helped us to create promotional resources that have been an asset to helping York University students. Principally, he is very resourceful, able to multi-task and delegate effectively, creative, hard working, and dedicated. His ability to find solutions to project problems speaks to his ability to think quickly, critically, and effectively. His organizational skills, attention to details, ability to complete tasks, and mastery of a variety of multi-media software have made Mark a valuable member of our team. Mark was innovative, needing to work with a restricted budget and timeline in order to create an end product that would have a cinematic feel, while simultaneously providing informational content. Specifically, two major projects that Mark has managed, directed, and produced include Secrets for Success videos that were sponsored by Scotiabank Group and a Career Mentorship promotional video that features company representatives from IBM and Harding International. These videos are now a valuable resource on the York University website to thousands in our community.

While working with us, Mark has learned new skills in project management and gained a new appreciation for diversity issues. He has always gone above and beyond the call of duty to accept and integrate constructive input from multiple points of view, to please numerous stakeholders, and complete projects within restrictive deadlines.

He is a pleasure to work with and is always willing to help other team members as appropriate. He has the ability to recruit and supervise other team members to assist with projects. Specifically, he was able to get two additional volunteers to help with our projects who provided needed equipment and additional help. Thereby he was instrumental in cutting costs for hiring and renting equipment. while providing quality work.

Mark has a passion for his work. I would be happy to rehire him and would recommend him highly to others who want a flexible, talented, dedicated, confident team player. I am pleased to recommend him to you.

Jayne Green-Black York University CDC, LDP jayne@YORKU.CA 416.736.5383

…Mr. Mikhail stands out among his classmates. Mr. Mikhail is able to connect theory to concrete lived realities. He works well in a group, as well as independently, and always tries to remain positive and patient. He is also very compassionate, which when combined with his strengths as a student, makes him an ideal candidate for any work environment and/or institution of higher learning. I am fully confident that he will do extremely well in the program to which he is applying and will be a valuable asset to your institution. I recommend him very highly and with no reservations whatsoever.

Alireza Asgharzadeh Ph.D Department of Sociology, Faculty of Arts, York University 416-736 -2100 ext 22672

Other References

Schulich School of Business, Keshia Gray, (Associate Director)

(416) 736-2100 ext. 70670

SMSV, Sandra Salama (Ministry Operating Officer)

(416) 800-8888

Sin & Redemption Restaurant, Atef Girgis (Owner)

(416) 640-9197

Coptic Orphans Montreal, Manal Bedwany (Canada Director)

(450) 736-0975